Dota 6.84c Map Download - Endorsed by Icefrog

DotA 6.84c is a version of DotA that contains new features like bottle auto fill found in Dota 2.

DotA 6.84c is endorsed by Icefrog and developed by DracoL1ch.

Dota 6.84c Map Download

What are the new features in DotA 6.84c?
  • Extra options like auto attack toggle, right-click deny, cam distance, item info
  • Dota 2-like bottle auto fill up
  • Increased courier transfer range
  • Adjusted top and bot creep waypoints
  • Dragon LVL indicator
  • Easy 4-right-click disassemble mechanic
  • Circle auto select for faster buyback

Where can I download DotA 6.84c?

Click here : DotA v6.84c0 Allstars.w3x (via

Do you have the download link for DotA 6.85d?

Yes. DotA 6.85d is now available for download. Click here : DotA v6.85d.w3x