Battle.Lan Download, Guide and Tutorial

Battle.Lan is a program that allows you to play Warcraft 3 over TPC/IP. It allows up to 255 computers to join a game over LAN. This can also be used for all different games.

Features of Battle.Lan:
- Supports 255 clients
- Can be used for other games
- Compatible with most firewalls

battle.lan download and tutorial

How to use Battle.Lan:
- Download Battle.Lan here
- Extract
- Copy BattleLANv0.5.exe file into your Warcraft 3 directory (C:\Program Files\Warcraft III).

Note: Start BattleLANv0.5.exe before starting Warcraft 3.

1. Launch Battle.LAN on the game host.
2. Enter the IPs of other players. The game host's IP may be omitted.
3. Press 'Add' to add the IP to the receivers list.
4. Click start.
5. Now create your Warcraft game normally. Your friends will see your game in the LAN game and be able to join it.

Note: To play Warcraft 3 with Battle.Lan You will need to unblock port 6112 on your firewall.

For Windows Vista/7 Users:
If You are Windows Vista or Windows 7 user and you are using Battle.Lan you may have issue when you press Start button in Battle.Lan it will disappear, like nothing running.

To fix this issue,
- Right click the BattleLANv05.exe file
- Click Properties
- Click the Compatiblity tab
- Check the "Run this program as a administrator" option.
- And you're done, now it works

Known Issues:
- PPP connection support for Warcraft3 LAN game is lacking as Warcraft3 sends packets by an ethernet interface. PPP is not an ethernet connection by Warcraft3's definition. Battle.LAN works with LAN packets only.

Download Battle.Lan v0.5