Latest WarDota2 Download - Dota 2 Mode for Warcraft 3

WarDota 2 - is a transformation of Warcraft III Frozen Throne that lets you experience Dota2 in W3.

What are included in the Package?
  • Customized Terrain based on Dota2 Terrain.
  • HUD and GUI based from Dota2
  • Ripped Dota2 models
  • Sound and Responces ripped from Dota2
  • 2 Custom Dota Maps
    • WarDota2 Map (Dota 6.74 AI...)... by Rena!ssance
    • and Custom Dota Map by Kazekage 966
Wardota 2 Menu
WarDota2 Menu

Roshan in WarDota2
Roshan in WarDota2

Dota2 Ripped heroes
Dota2 Ripped heroes

What are the changes in this version of WarDota2?
  • Added Pugna
  • Added Dire's Tower (requires WarDota2 Custom Map!)
  • Radiant and Dire Tower Custom Missile!
  • Added Bad_Ancient (requires WarDota2 Custom Map!)
  • Added Roshan (requires WarDota2 Custom Map!)
  • Added Phantom Lancer (requires WarDota2 Custom Map!)
  • WarDota2 local files will be release soon!
  • WarDota2 Tools will be delayed, but i promise i will make it!
  • Credits Trolboy for the Screetshop(Shopkeeper)!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: I cant Find/Use the towers, Roshan, Etc... Can you help me?
  • A: Yes! Just follow these steps to find the path of those models.
    • Download my Map - you can find it on my thread "wardota2"
    • Open the map using winMpq/MpqMaster/or any thing your are using
    • Extract "Units\UnitUI.slk"
    • You can find the paths for the towers there at the buttom!
    • Just add it to any UnitsUI.slk you are using now!
  • Q: When I use WarDota2 Custom Map(Latest) the Towers, other Heroes, Etc.. are Invisible! Why?
  • A: You need to the Latest Patch (WarDota2 Full). Don't Use the Terrain and UI Only Patch or the Older version!
  • Q: When I use different Dota Map or the Old version Map the towers are not changed.
  • A: Use the latest WarDota2 Custom Map (Download link below)
Dota2 Ripped heroes included!
  • Shadow fiend
  • Slardar
  • TideHunter
  • Chen
  • Lion
  • Balanar
  • Weaver
  • Bloodseeker

How to install WarDota2?
  1. First of all, make a backup copy of your war3patch.mpq and Frozen Throne.exe in your Warcraft III directory.
  2. Download war3Patch.mpq from the link below and place it in your Warcraft III directory.
  3. Enjoy!
Note: Make sure that no other mod are installed!

Where to download WarDota2?

Click here : WarDota2 Package (via