DotA v6.67b AI with Fun Recipe Shop and Fun Taverns

DotA v6.67b AI with Fun Recipe Shop - This is an ai map originally created by BMP and later revived by Overflow when he got enough time.

Overflow added few things like Fun Tavern that he made from scratch and Bastion.

Yup, that is Bastion, the ultimate supporter. No, I haven't made him available (no nearby patron there yet). No, -fun mode is not working yet. No, his skills aren't working yet.

Quote from Overflow

This will be the final release until 6.68c AI comes. We've all been patiently waiting for it. At least let us wait while having fun with... -fun!

DotA v6.67b AI with Fun Recipe Shop and Fun Taverns
Bastion Item Build
In short, enough consumables to be safe at first, Scepter rush + other stat items.

Update: Fun 2.2 was released.

In detail, enemy AI tends to pick a ton of casters when I get Bastion so Wand + consumables works great as a start. After that it's Scepter rush (not even boots yet, Staff of Wizardry first, then Ogre Axe). Then Boots of Speed => Travel, then Skadi as luxury. Game's over by then, if not get a Heart or something.

Skill build goes something like

MF: 1,3,5,7
PF: 2,4,6,8
SF: 9,12,13,14
Tr: 10,11,16

Spam MF as soon as you pick Bastion to get a head start for the extra Intelligence, it's your most desired stat at first.

Pick one allied hero and transfer always to him, preferably one that benefits a lot from stats like Meepo (though he has horrible AI) or any illusion hero, otherwise any late gamer.


Bastion, type: -bastion.

Fun Shop, type -fun.


Fun: 20/10/10

* Renamed to Fun. This got way bigger than Bastion.
* The fun recipe shop now includes all 9 items from Rev. AWESOME.
* Changed Magic Hammer recipe so that there's no orb effect conflict when getting components (makes more sense too IMO).

Download DotA v6.67b AI + Fun
DotA v6.67b AI Fun.w3x 6.95 MB


Type -flux while playing once in a while to check how many stats you've stacked

If you want to play it on LAN, remove the "+" from the file name. Silly me. >_>

DotA v6.67b AI +Bastion.w3x 6.94 MB
DotA v6.67b AI Bastion v2.w3x 6.94 MB