What is OMG DotA?

Dota OMG is the map based on one of latest DotA Allstars map (currently 6.66b), with one big change — heroes allowed to have any ability.
You can download it by clicking here.

There are two ways to change hero's skill set — random or pick. They must be activated by using it own mode, which must be writen with other game modes.

1. Random abilities
- can be activated by typing -ra with other game modes; the most interesting and fun games are with -ardm mode, so blue player must type -ardmra like gamemode

When any hero appears in game (was picked or randomed) it gains 3 random standart abilities and 1 random ultimate. They are random from pool of avaible abilities and go throught some checks (details below).

Note: -ra is compatible with every game mode, except -ad

2. Abilities Draft
- can be activated by typing -ad with other game modes

Every player can choose 3 standart abilities and 1 ultimate for his hero. Picking goes in a draft style. Abilities can be bought in taverns, which are filled with 66 standart abilities and 22 ultimates randomed from pool of avaible abilities.

There are tips for every ability in tavern, which contain its name, main hero (which have this ability in normal game), hotkey, some properties and list of unstackable abilities. Also there is a clever checking system which prevents your hero from learning unstackable abilities and some other bugs.

# Draft process.
## 1. Every player must pick/get a hero. This heroes will be on pause. If someone leaves without hero, anyone must type -recheck to refresh game info about players. Draft will start when every player gets a hero.

## 2. When game says about draft start, 8 of 9 taverns will be filled with 66 standart abilities and 22 ultimates. Every player has 60 seconds to learn the assortment of abilities.

## 3. Draft starts after this time. It goes in 3 phases:
- 1st phase: blue/pink player starts, every player can learn 2 standart skills or 1 ultimate on his turn
- 2nd phase: brown/orange player starts, every player can learn 1 standart skills or 1 ultimate on his turn
- 3rd phase: blue/pink player starts, every player can learn up to 2 standart skills or 1 ultimate on his turn
Every phase goes in well-known 1-2-2-2-2-1 draft order. Every player has 15 seconds for every turn.
If you didn't learn something, you will get money to learn it after all 3 phases.

## 4. When your hero learns 3 standart skills and 1 ultimate, it will be unpaused and you'll get back your gold status before draft.

After draft ends creeps will go in 1 minute.

Also, there is a special game mode called Duplicate Abilities (can be activated by typing -da), which allows for players to pick same abilities.

Note: -ad is uncompatible with -ra, -rd, -cd, -dm and -sp modes

3. Additional Info.
- Aghanim's Scepter doesn't improve ultimates. Exception is when hero has its own ulti (rylai - freezing field, lina - laguna blade, etc.).
- Don't buy or pick any orbs for Luna. It will crash your attack.
- Don't pick together abilities, which has non-constant % or + damage (Enrage, Nethertoxin, Empowering Haste, Ancestral Spirit, Berserker's Blood, Static Link)
- Don't use -switch in -ad before the draft ends.
- Abilities with bash won't stack with Cranium Basher.

4. Special commands.
-skills — shows current abilities of your hero with some numbers, which is useful when you found a bug
-skillsallies (or -sa) — shows current abilities of your allies
-showskills (works only in -ra) — shows what skills has been given to your allies when they get new hero
-showprocess (only in -ad)(only blue player) — shows picking abilities process to everyone (who and what picked)

5. Checking system.
Many abilities in DotA are based on same abilities from Warcraft, and they have same orders. If 1 hero gets 2 abilities with same orders then they will be used at one moment or only 1 of them will work. Because of this, when game or player chooses ability, it goes throught special checking for compatible of abilities, that already hero has.
Some abilities can be used only on melee or ranged attack, so abilities goes throught hero attack type checking. Also, some abilities takes 2 or more active icons after learning, and if there is no more place, some abilities may disappear. To prevent it, there is a checking of this.

Totally: your hero will never get uncompatible abilities, will never get abilities for melee(ranged) attack, if it's ranged(melee), also you will never lose your skills.