Pie Cr3w Inventory+ Item Inventory Hotkeys and HP Bar Viewer

Pie Cr3w's Inventory+, Item Hotkeys and HP Bar Viewer - this program has multiple functions, but mostly it will allow you to turn on HP bars by pressing "`", along with remapping inventory keys for you.

dota inventory a+

Inventory A+ is a tool that assigns hotkeys to your DotA inventory to quickly use items like Mekansm, Guinso, Eul, Dagon and other like these. This tool will make DOTA players gaming experience more convenient. Your Warcraft III DotA experience will certainly improve by using Inventory a+. It's simple and easy to run and use, Inventory a+ is a small exe program that runs in your system tray.

Inventory a+ makes a DotA Players to use Items in the easiest way Plus a convenient way. This was a Tool that almost DotA Players are using. DotA-downloads.com recommend this Inventory A+ for the newbie Or even if you are professional.

How to use Inventory A+:

1. Download it
2. Extract it anywhere
3. Double click the inventory a+
4. Run it
5. Now u can use it

dota hotkey inventory a+

7 = Alt + Q
8 = Alt + W
4 = Alt + A
5 = Alt + S
1 = Alt + Z
2 = Alt + X

To be sure that the program has successfully run, an icon should appear in your program tray (bottom right hand corner) resembling the TFT icon. If this doesn't happen, PM the creator of this program with your system specifics.

Also, if you're using a foreign, non-English version of Warcraft III, and your hp bars do not display, you will need to check your Warcraft manual for your enemy HP bars display key, along with your ally's HP bars display key. Failure to provide this information will result in the issue not being resolved.

Inventory A+ changelog:

Inventory+ v1.9
Added F4 and F5 functionality (F4 announces "1 mia my lane"; f5 "all mia my lane")
Reworked all kinds of functionality scripts, to make things smoother

Inventory+ v1.8
I've removed the "Tabs" function from the middle mouse scroll so that people will be able to zoom in once again.

Inventory+ v1.7
Fixed a cross-cultural error in which certain foreign keyboards experienced decreased functionality with the HP Toggles.
Much thanks goes to DotA-Allstars.com forum member "weeb".

Inventory+ v1.6
Finally fixed that damn icon issue. Arthas should display in the task bar from now on. Capslock HP bar toggle has been removed in its entirety. " ~ " is now the only toggle.

Inventory+ v1.5
Optional " ~ " to toggle HP bars. Capslock still functions for this, also.

Inventory+ v1.4
Changed (Numpad 0) to pause|break.
Re-worked some in-Warcraft-only code.
Cleaned up source code a bit.

Inventory+ v1.3
By popular demand, the HP bar timer has been removed.

Inventory+ v1.2
Added a command to disable the program (Numpad 0).
Added a timer to the HP bars.
A recent error has been noticed, but it's not crucial to the
program and can be ignored. If something about an icon appears
in an error message, that's it. Get over it :)

Inventory+ v1.1
Press capslock to see HP bars. Press capslock again to remove them.
You can scroll your middle mouse button to tab through unit selections.
Program only works within Warcraft III now.

Inventory+ v1.0
Allows user to use alt or ctrl commands to trigger items in Warcraft III.

Downloads Links:

Inventory A+
Inventory B+

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