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What is CustomKeys.txt?
CustomKeys.txt was an added functionality of WarCraft III that Blizzard included with The Frozen Throne. What it does is it allows you to remap the hotkeys for units and abilities to new values, usually standardized over all heroes and abilities to make it easy to remember.

How do I use CustomKeys.txt?
Download the copy of CustomKeys.txt (right click and save the text file) and move it directly into your WarCraft III folder. Enable it under Options --> Gameplay --> Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

What will the DotA version of CustomKeys.txt do for me?
This copy of CustomKeys.txt will remap all of your keys to a standardized grid for all heroes, allowing you easy hotkey access for each ability as opposed to having to remember each hotkey individually. This doesn't seem very useful but it's just one less thing you have to think about in the game.

But I want to have new item hotkeys!
This isn't what CustomKeys.txt is for. If you want to remap other keys or mouse buttons to item slots, visit Autohotkey.

Are there any bugs?
Yes, there are a few, but nothing that would affect gameplay. The only major known bug is that the hotkey for the Techies Suicide Squad ability won't change. A few additional passive skills (generally based off of Command Aura) won't have their learn hotkeys changed either, but this should not be an issue as they are not actively used. In addition, the 4th level of many abilities won't display correctly due to an issue, but the hotkeys will still work correctly. The DotA version of CustomKeys.txt is not recommended for any other custom maps. If any further bugs are found in using them, post them in this topic.

What are the hotkeys remapped to?
Just about anything you'd like them to be, but the default is a grid just like the left side of the keyboard (almost exactly like the ladder grid hotkeys found here).

But I don't like that setup! I want the grid to look like...
Post suggestions as to what you'd like to see as the basis for a grid.

Help! My Attack / Hold Position / Stop / Move keys is remapped!
If you don't like the way the attack key is remapped in any of the versions of CustomKeys.txt, you can manually change the attack entry yourself back to its default. There's full documentation on the inner workings of CustomKeys.txt in the file in your WarCraft folder called CustomKeyInfo.txt.

The default grid looks like this, with each letter corresponding to the hotkey for the ability in that position:


Please make sure that the version of CustomKeys.txt you're using matches the version of DotA: AllStars you're playing.

Download links:
CustomKeys6.30ZXCV.txt 6.30ZXCV
CustomKeys6.28ASDF.txt 6.30ASDF