Garena Master 2.05 - Latest Garena Master

Garena Master II 2.05 - Garena Master Latest Version. Garena Master is a tool that allows user to bypass rules in Garena. Garena Master can be used for Garena Plus, Garena Client and, Exp Update, Host Update, Auto Joiner and many more.

GarenaMaster Download

Important Notes:
Problem with Garena Client? Please, delete all your garena files and download it again from "Tools & Auto AFK System" tab -> Download Garena Client.

Garena Master Latest Changes:
- Fixed Program abnormal termination
- Fixed Game Starting sound
- Improved Name Spoofer: you will be able to see your own colored name on lan!

How to Use Garena Master:
1. Download Garena Master.
2. Extract the files to any folder.
3. Run Garena Master.
4. Enjoy!

Play maps besides DotA? See what features are right for you. This is recommended for the people who get errors frequently. It's optional, so you can still choose any features you want.

Green - Few errors and/or useful for many maps
Yellow - Some errors and/or useful for some maps
Red - Many errors and/or useful for few maps
Blue - Other

Reveal Units on Mainmap/Invisibles: Main & Mini
Remove FOG on Mainmap
Reveal Units on Minimap
Remove FOG on Minimap
Enable Trade / Resource View
Make Units Clickable
Reveal Illusions
Show Runes
Show Skills / Cooldowns
Bypass DotA -ah
Show Ping Signals
Rune Notifier
Gem Notifier
Roshan Notifier
Goblin Notifier
Reveal Selection
Show Regen / Speed in Number
Right Click to Deny
Hero Line
Show Naix Ulti
Instant Game Start
Default War3 Loading
Hero Icon
Auto Send Text

Garena Master download links:
GarenaMaster II -
GarenaMaster II -