DotA 6.77b Map Download - Latest DotA Map

DotA 6.77b Map is the first patch for DotA 6.77 series. DotA 6.77b is composed of some bug fixes and one is removal of Christmas theme out of the map.

DotA 6.77b Map

Bug fixes covered the following: death streak bounty, Fire Spirit, and Brilliance Aura effect on Crystal Maiden.

* Removed Christmas themed elements
* Fixed a death streak bounty bug
* Fixed Fire Spirits instantly killing Forged Spirits
* Fixed Brilliance Aura's self effect on Crystal Maiden not working properly
* Fixed some tooltips

DotA 6.77b Map Download Links:
DotA v6.77b.w3x mirror 1
DotA v6.77b.w3x mirror 2