DotA 6.77 Map Latest Download News and Updates

DotA 6.77 Map
DotA 6.77 Map is highly anticipated right now. Previous releases did very well with important modifications made in game play, items and heroes.

This page is dedicated to all news and updates that we are going to receive in coming weeks regarding DotA 6.77 Map.

There are some speculations that DotA 6.77 will have new heroes and even items that will definitely change how we play.

DotA 6.77 is now available. Download links available at the bottom.

UPDATE 2: New DotA before Christmas
"It will most likely be before that"

"No, it will be a smaller patch focused on some balance tweaks." - Icefrog


Some forums says that they suggest that other warcraft heroes should be included like Ragnar, The Kodo Rider; Giant Turtle; Human Marine; Makrura; and many more.

DotA 6.77 is coming and we are eager to hear official statements and updates from Icefrog regarding the current status of DotA 6.77.

Download DotA 6.77
DotA v6.77.w3x mirror 1
DotA v6.77.w3x mirror 2