DotA 6.70 AI Download

DotA 6.70 AI Download - This is the download page of DotA 6.70 AI Map, DotA 6.70b AI, and DotA 6.70c AI. DotA 6.70c AI Map is now available and ready for download.

DotA 6.70 AI Map Updates
December 30, 2010
AITeam is working on bugfixes of the latest version. A revision will be released at January... with some bugs fixed.

March 19, 2011
AITeam is putting that last 6.69c changes and some AI improvements and probably next week the map will be released.

April 13, 2011
DotA 6.70c AI is now available. See download links below.

April 14, 2011
DotA 6.70c AI Rev2 was released that fixed Human Phoenix Auto Super Nova after Dive and Low HP. See download links below.

June 25, 2011
DotA 6.71b AI Map was released and available in 3 languages EN, RU and BR. Please visit DotA 6.71b AI download page to get your copy of DotA 6.71b AI map.

DotA 6.70 AI Map Changelogs
- DotA 6.70c AI changelogs page
- DotA 6.70c AI Rev2 changelogs page

DotA 6.70 AI Map, DotA 6.70b AI, DotA 6.70c AI Map Download Links
DotA 6.70c AI Rev2
DotA v6.70c AI R2.w3x mirror 1
DotA v6.70c AI R2.w3x mirror 2

DotA 6.70c AI
DotA v6.70c AI.w3x mirror 1
DotA v6.70c AI.w3x mirror 2
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