Latest Garena Master MapHack v97.02 - GarenaM4ST3R v97.02 MapHack

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"If you're looking for latest version of AI Map, please visit Latest Garena Master download page"

This is the latest version of Garena Master MapHack v97.01 - GarenaM4ST3R v97.01 MapHack for 1.26a that works with the latest garena updates (updated to new garena as of August 15, 2012).

It also supports older version of Warcraft patch

- 1.24e, 1.25a, 1.25b

I just want to remind you guys that cheating is not good, so please use this responsibly.

Garena Master Maphack

####### GM Lite features: ########
# Guide + Full info here:
# Basic maphack with memory patching, no dll injection (do not have host hack and notifiers)!
# Lot of features for garena
# An fantastic and new Exp LOG!
# Editable Servers List
# Auto AFK System, that will automatically configure all yours accounts to get the maximum exp possible (150 for basic and 300 for gold) / 15min
# You can configure the Garena Servers that Auto AFK system will use!
# You can configure the room that Auto AFK System will use! (for security reason (for you) gm will join all in the same room, but you still get the maximum exp)
# GM will automatically set an random port for each client (ONLY USING AUTO AFK SYSTEM, NOT START GARENA!) in the range of 1000 - 3000, make sure that this ports are not blocked on your router/firewall.
# And much more!!!!

Garena Features:

Name Spoofer
Garena Auto Room Joiner
Removes 5 secounds restriction.
No "Full room dialog".
Show pings in number
Real ping in-game
Disable hacks protection
Mega Exp Hack (100/15min Gold, 50/15min Basic) or [ 300/15 | 150/15 with multi client! ]
Garena Multi Client
Leave room while playing.
'Super Admin' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'Premium' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'Platinum' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'Channel Admin' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'League Admin' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
'Gold Member' Style [It's just style, only you see!]
Admin Menu Hack (Only trace location work)
Hide ADS in Garena

Warcraft 3 Features (1.26a / 1.25b / 1.24e-d-c-b)

CAM Distance Hack
Delay Reducer
Reveal units on mainmap / minimap
Remove fog on mainmap / minimap
Enable trade / Resource View
Make units clickable / Gray HP on fog.
Reveal Illusions
Show Runes
Show Skills / Cooldowns
Bypass dota -ah
Show Ally Heroes icons
Show Enemy Heroes Icons
Show All Heroes Icons
Show Ping signal
Advanced Rune Notifier
Gem Notifier (Notify you when someone drop the gem!)
Cloack DLL System (Make the hack undetectable on
Automatic Drop Bnet (Will disconnect you automatically from bnet when the game start, one more security to avoid ban on
Host Hack [ Work only on Garena]

"If you're looking for latest version of AI Map, please visit Latest Garena Master download page"

Dota Features BETA (1.24e only)

Auto Dodge for heros spells
Show enemy clicks
Show hero lines
Show cd in numbers
Auto dodge the spell with Eul's scepter and others skills
Camera Distance hack by scroll
Show CD of buffs in number
Gray HP under FOG

Counter Strike 1.6

Wall Hack
Aim bot
and more!

In-Game Commands:
Default hotkeys (you can change it at GM.EXE/War3/Set Hotkeys):
Alt + F1: Enable/Disable selected features on GM.EXE/War3 tab.
Alt + F2: Zoom In
Alt + F3: Zoom Out

What is Host Hack?

Host Hack is some useful commands that you can use in the player that you want if you are the host.

All that you need is send a private message to the user inside of the game [Press F12 to select the player to send] with the wanted command.

There is the commands list:

- Kick a player without waiting time:
.k or .kick

- Kick a player with waiting time:
.b or .block

- Lag the player (Configure the intensity in Garena Tab [DelayOn(ms)])
.xon or .delayon

- Remove lag from the player that you lagged
.xoff or .delayoff

Step by Step, Guide:
1. Download Garena Master Hack.
2. Extract the files to any folder.
3. Run GM.exe
4. If you play on jump to step 8
5. Check the "Auto Patch" and "Host Hack"
6. Click in Start Garena
7. If you want, customize the features in Garena tab and click in Patch
8. In GM.EXE select your war3 folder in "Select W3X Folder"
9. In GM.EXE select the wanted features in War3 Tab and click in Install (Only the first time, with war3 open)
10. Open the war3 and Enjoy!

Note: After you download the new version of GM, always delete all of the files from the old version before installing the new one.

There's also a step-by-step tutorial on how to use garenamaster. Download the complete GarenaM4St3R mapHack installation guide below.

"If you're looking for latest version of AI Map, please visit Latest Garena Master download page"

Garena Master - GarenaM4ST3R MapHack download links
GarenaMaster - GarenaM4St3R MapHack Guide with pictures.

Garena Master - GarenaM4ST3R MapHack download link
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