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DotA 6.69c AI Beta, DotA 6.69 AI Map, DotA 6.69b AI, DotA 6.69c AI - Our wait is over, all thanks goes to PleaseBugMeNot and the AITeam for releasing the Beta version of DotA 6.69c AI Map. Major effort comes with DotA 6.69c AI Beta, these includes AI for Kael, Invoker, and fixes for memory leaks.

Visit DotA 6.69c AI Beta Changelogs page to see what changes made on DotA 6.69c AI Beta.

UPDATE: DotA 6.70c AI is now available.

DotA 6.69c AI Beta Map Download
PleaseBugMeNot says:

That release should be memorized as the first one with AI for Kael, Invoker. I think he has a room for improvement but let`s see how it goes . I would like to see feedback for his accomplishments. He usually starts slow, but after he gets lower Invoke cd and enough mana... things get HOT! Expect more info in the next weeks about 6.70 AI map in my blog: PleaseBugMeNot`s DotA AI versions.

DotA 6.69c AI Beta Known Problems:

The script had a big overhaul of leak fixing and decrypting. Skills might not work, unseen bugs might occur. Be prepared and report.


List of Incomplete AI:

Admiral, Clockwerk, Visage, Wisp, Giro, Eredar.

Here's also a list of Heroes that Ai uses and its worth making them to -airepick:

Alchemist, Spiritbreaker, Bristleback, Lycanthrope, Un dying, Lone Druid, Templar Assassin, Soul Keeper, Storm Spirit, Windrunner, Batrider, Tinker, Techies.

DotA 6.69c AI Beta Download links:

DotA v6.69c AI.w3x 7.5 MB mirror 1
DotA v6.69c AI.w3x 7.5 MB mirror 1

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