DotA 6.68b AI Map

DotA 6.68b AI will be the next DotA AI to be created by Harreke right after DotA 6.67c AI. So for now let's just wait until DotA 6.67c AI was released. Good news though, DotA 6.67b AI was finally released. Subscribe to us via email or keep visiting this page for more updates on Dota 6.68 AI Map.

Update: DotA Allstars 6.67b Rev2c AI is a fourth release of DotA 6.67b AI series that contains DotA AI Map fix for some bugs found.

Update: DotA 6.69c AI Beta is now ready for download. Get your copy now.

We expect more fix to be released by Harreke until it becomes stable and ready for DotA 6.67c AI then next is DotA 6.68 AI.

DotA 6.68b AI Map

- Coming Soon

Download Dota 6.68b AI Map (coming soon)
Download DotA 6.67b Rev2c AI (latest)
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