DotA 6.68 AI Map, DotA 6.68b AI, DotA 6.68c AI Latest News and Updates

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DotA 6.68 AI will be the next DotA AI to be created by Harreke. So for now let's just wait until DotA 6.68 AI was released. Good news, DotA 6.67b AI rev2d was finally released.

UPDATE: December 24, 2010
PleaseBugMeNot is the new DoTA AI developer and he released DotA 6.68c AI BETA on December 24, 2010. This is already playable even though it is still in BETA. Let us just wait until DotA 6.68c AI was finally released.

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UPDATE: DotA 6.68c AI BETA was released by PleaseBugMeNot.

Update: DotA 6.67b AI Map Rev2d was released.

Update: Instead of DotA 6.68 ai, DotA 6.68c ai will be released next by PleaseBugMeNot.

Update: DotA 6.69 was released

Update: DotA 6.69c AI Beta is now ready for download. Get your copy now.

Update: June 25, 2011, DotA 6.71b AI Map was released and available in 3 languages EN, RU and BR. Please visit DotA 6.71b AI download page to get your copy of DotA 6.71b AI map.

DotA 6.68 AI Map

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Download links of DotA 6.68 AI will be provided as soon as they become available.

- Coming Soon

Download link
DotA 6.68c AI BETA
DotA 6.67b AI rev2d
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Anonymous said...

First Blood by Kunio_za

Anonymous said...

by xpo_awani

Anonymous said...

how to download 6.68 ai?

Anonymous said... to dwnload it?

Anonymous said...

dota 6.68 ai download is going to be available soon. for now, you may instead download 6.67b ai

Anonymous said...

I dont find 6.68 ai where can i download this?

Anonymous said...

DotA 6.68 ai is yet to come... Let's all wait. btw, there is a screenshot already

Anonymous said...

garena sucx...

Anonymous said...

lol.6.68aai not done yet

Online Jobs said...

Where is the download link?

Anonymous said...

All of you are WEAK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All Newbies?????NOOB

Dota Map Hack said...

I love dota, thanks for the download links