God of War 3 Cheats Codes Walkthrough

God of War 3 Cheats Codes Walkthrough - Here are the latest cheats and codes for God of War 3. Dominate Every Boss, Uncover Every Secret, Solve Every Puzzle! Reveal Concealed Chests, Hidden Secrets, and more - Challenges of Olympus, Lore on the Immortals and their World, Extensive Bestiary, History of the Series, Alternate Costumes, All Trophies.

The God of War® III game finds Kratos raining carnage and destruction upon the Gods who have betrayed him and the entire Ancient Greek world. Armed with his deadly double-chained blades, Kratos will take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles on his merciless quest to destroy Olympus and the mighty Zeus himself.

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Mysterious Website for Platinum Spartans
If you get the Platinum Trophy in God of War III you'll be directed to a mysterious website featuring only a compass and falling rain...

Extra Red Orbs
When fighting those sword-wielding Olympian skeletons, kill some so that there about ten left and position Kratos with his back to to a wall. Equip the Claws of Hades (which need to be at level 2 or higher). Repeatedly lash out with the Soul Rip (L1 + CIRCLE) and you'll get hundreds, even over a thousand hits on just a few enemies. The Soul Rip attack deals very little damage. On hard modes you can probably increase the hit count further and be rewarded with more red orbs. Note: If you don't back against a wall you'll have to move towards enemies a bit after each attack.

Completion Bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Challenges Of Olympus, Combat Arena, Chaos difficulty, and Fear Kratos costume. Wearing the Fear Kratos costume makes you and your enemies do quadruple damage.
Note: Wearing the Fear Kratos costume will prevent trophies from being earned.

Chaos Mode
Beat the game on Spartan, God or Titan Mode to unlock ChMode (Very Hard).

The following costumes can be unlocked by performing the actions below. Equip new costumes in the Treasures menu.
  • Fear Kratos - Beat the game to unlock this costume. "Fear Kratos" does quadruple attack damage. Enemies do quadruple attack damage. Trophies are disabled.

Additional Modes
Perform the actions below to unlock additional modes:
  • Challenge of Olympus - Beat the game on any difficulty
  • Combat Arena - Beat Challenge of Olympus (all challenges).

10 Godly Possessions
The 10 Godly Possessions found throughout the game can be equipped as "cheats" once you beat the game.

Here are the effects of each Godly Possession. You can toggle these on of off in the Items Menu AFTER BEATING THE GAME once you collect them. Warning: Equipping a Godly Possession disables Trophies.
  • Zeus' Eagle - Infinite Rage of Sparta
  • Hades' Helm - Max out Health, Magic and Item Meters
  • Helios' Shield - Increase the Hits Counter by 3 times
  • Hermes' Coin - Collect 10 time the amount of Red Orbs
  • Hercules' Shoulder Guard - Increase damage taken by a third
  • Poseidon's Conch Shell - Infinite Magic
  • Aphrodite's Garter - Continue to use Athena's Blades (the main weapon from the game's intro / while active, switch to another weapon to Combat Grapple)
  • Hephaestus' Ring - Automatically win all Context Sensitive Attacks ("Quick Time Events")
  • Daedalus' Schematics - Infinite item use
  • Hera's Chalice - Causes the Health Meter to slowly drain over time, never completely emptying it

Zeus mountain cheat, bypass conveyer belt fight
  • When arriving a the conveyer belt, walk close to the wall on the left and then walk as close as possible of the roller.
  • When you arrive close to the platform where they're is usually an archer, jump on it also staying as close as possible to the left side!.
  • Doing this, you will bypass the battle activation area so you don't need to do it.
  • Just go straight to the pandoras box with no fight.

How to Unlock Trophy Rewards.

  • Don't use a Godly Possession.
  • Don't use Fear Kratos costume.
  • Complete the following tasks:

    • Mr. Hand (Bronze): Discover the secret 'Hades Room'.
    • Hit Man (Bronze): Perform a 1000-hit combo.
    • Rip One! (Bronze): Rip apart 1 Olympus Sentry.
    • Nice Tan (Bronze): Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios.
    • Obedience School (Bronze): Deliver 50 kicks to Hounds.
    • It's getting hot in here... (Bronze): Burn 100 enemies with the Bow of Apollo.
    • Souled Out (Bronze): Summon every Soul with the Claws of Hades.
    • Bloody Hell (Bronze): Cover Kratos in 500 buckets of blood by killing the enemies.
    • No Guts, No Glory (Bronze): Gut 3 Centaur Generals.
    • Hitting Your Stride (Bronze): Upgrade any weapon to the next level.
    • Eye Candy (Silver): Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes.
    • Feather Plucker (Silver): Collect all of the Phoenix Feathers.
    • Are You Horny to Win? (Silver): Collect all of the Minotaur Horns.
    • Maxed Out! (Silver): Completely upgrade all the weapons.
    • Vengeance Complete (Gold): Beat the game.
    • Up to the Challenge (Gold): Beat the Challenge of Olympus.
    • Unhuman (Gold): Beat Titan Mode.
    • Priceless (Gold): Collect all of the 'Godly Possessions'.
  • Secret Trophies.

    • Ladies Man (Bronze): Successfully entertain Aphrodite.
    • Hooker (Silver): Kill Hades.
    • Titan Slayer (Silver): Kill Cronos.
    • Sibling Rivalry (Silver): Kill Hercules.
    • Releasing the Flood Gates (Bronze): Kill Poseidon.
    • Burnt to a Crisp (Bronze): Acquire the Bow of Apollo.
    • Mr. Hand (Bronze): Discover the secret Hades Arm room.
    • Shine Lord (Bronze): Kill Helios.
    • Shoe Delivery (Bronze): Kill Hermes and acquire his boots.
    • I didn't do it... But I wish I did! (Bronze): Kill the Poseidon Princess.
    • Handy Man (Bronze): Sever Gia's hand.
    • Open Sesame (Bronze): Open the Gates of Tisiphone.
    • Rescue Me (Bronze): Save Pandora.
    • Three Wise Men (Bronze): Solve the Puzzle of the Three Judges.
    • Retribution (Silver): Kill Zeus.
    • Freezer Burn (Silver): Acquire the Boreas Icestorm.
    • Seeing Things From a Different Perspective (Silver): Solve Hera's Gardens.
    • aMAZEd (Gold): Beat the Labyrinth Without Dying or Failing.
    • King of the Hill (Platinum): Unlock all Other Trophies.

Best and Most Useful Costumes During Speed Run

  • (Difficulties) These only address your Armor % (collisions are tied to this *lower = higher*), Power % and aggressiveness of foes. Costumes control these factors *save aggressiveness* and MP/HP/EXP orb % *doesn't affect EXP bonuses in descriptors*.
  • (Costumes) Bubbles and Chef of War are out of the running. Default is what it is.
  • Ares Armor is 200% in all fields. *100%s on Magic, but Easy will alter this* On Easy, your power and armor will be even greater *2x*. Nevermind RotG which doubles power and increases defense while adding 'tank' properties.
  • Tycoonius will drop your Armor substantially, but Easy would balance this out (while your collisions get stronger). It increases power to 200% (like with Ares Armor) and EXP to 400%. As such, EXP chests aren't really much of a concern. Hits taken will regenerate well enough so the threat of death isn't too great even with the Armor as such.
  • For these two cases, you should consider focusing on direct assaults to overpower foes. Spells are NOT tied to Attack % so they won't see a bonus. The Blades and Artemis will however. RotG will just make them that much stronger. With a certain exploit, you can get regenerating magic to nearly match what another attire offers.
  • Dairy B*st*rd (because this place actually thinks that's a 'naughty' word) obviously grants Infinite MP. It also gives 200% HP and EXP orb worth like Ares Armor. It has default (100%) Armor and halved Power (balanced out by 'Easy'). The approach here is brainless. Just whore PR (preferably lvl2+). When you get AoH, use that too. Mix the two together and the challenge of a forced fight slips away.
  • Skips can be helpful at cutting down on time. If you're interested in learning of some of the less difficult cases, I'd be happy to teach you. The point of this run is merely getting the trophy I take it? Do you have any reservations about being a tad more cheap than initially planned?
  • It's easier to pull off skips with regenerating or Infinite MP. RotG with Athena's Blessing (lvl5 Blades) can mimic this, but the limits are readily observed.
  • ~Your call. With just speed as a concern (not leveling or other 'trophies'), your current rate should be fast enough.
  • NOTE: If you're talking about the runs by satvara and tyrhhjy, I know those fellows. I was part of the speedrunning (aid) scene. AKheon's Glitch FAQ archives much of their learnings. For GoW1, GoWII and CoO. GoWIII will be no different. We require runners to advance times in CoO and GoWII (long overdue). 54 minutes in GoW1 is about as good as it gets. Skipping the cinematics is possible with another exploit/glitch. There's a more extreme version but we don't fancy running around with a black screen *not good for recording*. Look up YT user "tyrhhjy" to see his performance. He does us a great service with his showing. That's years of tactics, glitches, etc. being put to work in a masterful performance. Shame he, like me, lacks good recording equipment.

1000 Hit Combo Trophy
Here is the easiest way of getting the 1000 hit combo trophy. Once you defeat Hades you will get the 'Claw of Hades', now in an area where theres alot of enemies simply hold L1 and keep mashing O to rip out their souls...just keep doing it repeatdely and watch the combo increase.

God of War III Fear Kratos Costume
Gameplay using the 'Fear Kratos' costume. This was unlocked after completing the game. With this costume you inflict 4x more damage but also take 4x damage aswell. The real-time cut scenes remain with Fear Kratos but others are with normal Kratos. Sadly this is the only unlockable costume, all the others are DLC only...by pre-ordering from certain retailers. The 'Dominus' costume is exclusive to the 'Ultimate God Edition'