How to install DotA

Here are the step-by-step procedures on how to install dota. If you are looking to learn the game, visit On this install guide, we will cover the following:

  • Installing Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
  • Installing Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Expansion
  • Updating the Patch
  • Downloading the Latest Map for DotA
  • Playing Online
  • Playing Against Computer


Installing Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

First, place the CD in your CD drive. Open My Computer (if you're using Windows), click on the icon of the CD, and install it.

Step 1
* Click "Install Warcraft III" when the Warcraft III Setup opens.

Follow the instructions given afterwards. Accept the Terms of Agreement, after reading it definitely, and proceed to the next page.

Step 2
* Enter your name and unique CD Key. I'll be entering an example name and my own CD Key as an example, but I covered it for privacy. I didn't cover the "example" name, of course. Click OK.

The CD Key can be only be legally found at the box of your Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Step 3
* Enter the installation directory. It's best to leave it as it is. Click OK.

Step 4
* Installation will now begin. It will take several seconds, so wait a while. After a few minutes, it should be done.

Step 5
* After successfully installing, it will prompt you to place a desktop shortcut. Not necessary, because you'll be playing Frozen Throne, not this.


Installing Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

You just installed Reign of Chaos. Take its CD out, place the TFT CD, and let's install The Frozen Throne.

Step 1
* Click "Install Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne" when the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Setup opens.

Again, accept the terms of Agreement, after reading it. This will lead you to the CD Key page.

Step 2
* Enter your CD Key. Click OK.

The CD Key can be only be legally found at the box of your Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Step 3
* Wait for the installation to finish successfully. Grab a Pepsi now, and drink up.

Step 4
* Now this time, you'd want to create a desktop shortcut. Click Yes.


Updating The Patch

Let's now update our patch to the latest one.

Updating the patch is very necessary. To get the latest patch, go to Frozen Throne Patch Download

You need to the download the full patch because you're starting from the very beginning. The patch version can be seen at the bottom-right corner of the opening menu when you start the game.

Once you have downloaded your patch, it's time to install it.

Step 1
* Open the patch you downloaded. It will do it's job after. When it's done, click OK. Uncheck the box if you want.

Note: When the patch starts installing, the screen will turn black. Then it will install by itself. After it's done, the screen will go back to normal.

The good thing about patch 1.22a, is that you don't need a CD to play the game (it has actually been this way since 1.21b).

Congratulations! You now have the latest patch for DotA. It is 1.22a as of now. Refer to the changelog made by this update for more info.


Downloading the Latest Dota Map

To get the latest Dota map, go to Dota latest release and stable map

Step 1
* Go here and download the latest map.

Step 2
* If you're using Mozilla FireFox, choose to Save the File. You can't open it.

Step 3
* Transfer the file to your Warcraft directory. Default directory is: C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\Download

The default directory is very important. Any tampering with it will have effects on Garena and downloading from Warcraft, especially when playing with others.

Congratulations! You now have the latest map for DotA. It is 6.57b as of now.

Playing DotA

You can now play DotA.

But you have to adjust a few things as well. That's where Options comes into the picture. Click Options on the Main Menu (4th button from the top).

Step 1
* Adjust your VIDEO Settings.

GAMMA: Brightens or darkens up a screen.
RESOLUTION: I find the 1024x768x16 Resolution fitting for my monitor. If you have a bigger monitor, select a bigger resolution. A bigger resolution means a more detailed screen.
MODEL DETAIL: Defines how detailed model units can be.
ANIMATION QUALITY: Enhances animation, i.e. attacks and some effects.
TEXTURE QUALITY: Improves the overall texture, from the menus, the terrain and the models. Medium allows you to read the loadscreen.
PARTICLES: Enhances detail of other objects and doodads.
LIGHTS: Sets how light affects everything.
UNIT SHADOWS: This must be on to ensure good gameplay.
OCCLUSION: Determines how an object can be hidden by other objects. Best set to On. This also allows -weather effects.
SPELL DETAIL: This must be set to High at all times, for me. If it is set to Low, you will find it hard to notice when spells are around.

Step 2
* Set your GAMEPLAY Settings.

The only things needed to tamper with here are:

MOUSE SCROLL: How sensitive do you want your cursor to be?
KEYBOARD SCROLL: Same here, but with the keyboard.
ALWAYS SHOW HEALTH BARS: As of 1.22a, health bars can now be permanent.
AUTOMATICALLY SAVE REPLAYS: This feature automatically saves replays inside your replays folder.

Step 3
* Configure your SOUND Settings. Do what you want here.

Step 4
* Now just go online and join a dota game!


Play Against Computer

Your computer can't handle Bnet? Try AI Bots. Just download the latest Dota AI map from here:
Dota latest release and stable map.