Simple Camera

Simple Camera - This tool will allow you to control the camera in Warcraft 3 without restrictions.

You have probably seen the results of this tool already in the form of movies from Leonidas (PizzaSlice) among others. It allows you to control the camera in Warcraft 3 without restrictions. I'm personally very fond over the First Person mode which allows you to control the camera as in any FPS game, you use the mouse to look around and the keys to move around.

Simple Camera for WC3

All this is of course only available while watching a replay.


  1. Download ReplaySeeker
  2. Download
  3. Place the .dll in the Plugins-folder
  4. Done

Usage info

All settings, hotkeys and bookmarks will be saved when you close the plugin/ReplaySeeker.

Move keys will behave just like the arrow keys does ingame, except that these are smoother. The rotate keys work the same, but you can rotate to any angle.

Toggle follow works almost as "Auto Camera" ingame. First, select a unit then press the hotkey. The camera will begin to follow the unit, you can at this point rotate/zoom around the unit however you want. If you press the Lock facing hotkey when the camera follows a unit, it will begin to look in the same direction as the unit does.

When activating First Person mode, the mouse will lock in place and you begin controlling the camera with it instead. The controls will work as if it were a first person shooter.


  • Smooth transitions between bookmarks
  • Moving up/down
  • User defined fog
  • User defined max viewable distance
  • Capture mouse scroll wheel
  • Capture mouse scrolling (moving the mouse to the edge of the screen)
  • Support for maps of different sizes


Simple Camera is not bug free. Sometimes it won't hook into Warcraft 3 properly, it will then display some error code. Try just to restart Warcraft 3 and/or ReplaySeeker and see if it works. Most probably, it does. If not, report it to me what type of replay it is (or even better, send the replay to me) and which error code it is.

There are also some problems when watching replays of other maps then DotA (or more specific, maps of another size then DotA), this is a known problem I don't care about right now.

Download links:

SimpleCamera 2.0 Beta
Changes: Lots of stuff! \o/

SimpleCamera 1.05

Changes: It hopefully works on more computers, and must be manually activated. The new scan searches for the zoom level, so make sure you zoom out max (with mouse wheel) before attempting to activate the plugin.
Changes: Works in Warcraft III 1.24. Fixed some errors. When both follow and FPS is active, the camera orbits around the unit.
Changes: Fixed autoenable, you now have to open the SimpleCamera window for it to activate.

Changes: Added invert mouse option. Started with standard version numbering.