DotaKeys 1.4-0.2.0

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DotaKeys 1.4 - Allows you to remap hotkeys into your own Dotakeys.

Here's how to use DotaKeys
1. Run Editor from Main Window
2. Type required hotkeys to edits. Only a..z, 0..9 and some special keys (like SPACE,home etc) are allowed.
3. Now press "Save" and "Exit" then wait until DotaKeys load Main Window

Default settings:
* q,w,e,r for skills
* a,s,d,f for commands ( move, stop... )
* 2,3,4,5 for items
* Z for "toggle life bars"

Where to download Dotakeys?

Follow this link:
Dotakeys 1.4-0.2.0

How to Activate Dotakeys
Before you start using dotakeys, you need Activate them. To do this press "Activate" button on Main Window or press F8 in game ( when DotA begins ). After you press F8 in game, DotaKeys should whisper ( if you play on BNET ) message "Dotakeys: on" to you from yourself. The Message in game looks like this:

IPB Image
If you play on LAN, it write message "/w Dotakeys: on" to all your teammates. It's because Warcraft cant whisper on LAN.

How to setup Hero
After you set your "base" hotkeys, at start of every game you need to setup hero. There is two ways how to do it:

1. F7 Procedure ( old )
2. Hero Codes ( new )

1.3.1 "F7" Procedure
Note: This procedure is longer then HeroCode, which is newer and recomended. But if you cant use it, you can use this.

When game begins, you must tell Dotakeys which hero you use. To do it with F7 Procedure you need this:

1. ( if you didnt do this before ) Press F8 To activate DotaKeys
2. Now if you know hotkeys of your Hero, go to number 4, else continue on number 3
3. Press Red Cross, which is for "New skill" and hover mouse over skills. The yellow letters are default hotkeys of skills
4. Now when you know hotkeys of Hero, press F7
5. After you press F7, DotaKeys should whisper message "DotaKeys: Please Type *YOUR* hero shortcuts..." to you
6. Press ORIGINAL HOTKEYS in order from left to right. Ie: if hotkeys are "c,t,d,w", you press F7ctdw
7. DotaKeys should whisper message "DotaKeys: You typed: x,x,x,x", where x,x,x,x are hotkeys you typed

Hero Codes
This is other way to setup hero. Now you dont need anything, just write "hero code" into chat. Hero code is basically FIRST 4 letter of hero name. Ie: Vengeful spirit is Class and Shendelzare is Name. So code for Vengeful spirit is "shen". List of heroes & codes is available in chapter 3.[list]

1. Press F8 To activate DotaKeys
2. Press ENTER
3. Write \. You can also use \ or + instead of /
4. Now DotaKeys should whisper message "You control HERO [x,x,x,x], where HERO is Class and x,x,x,x is ORIGINAL hotkeys of hero you control

DotaKeys Download link:
Dotakeys 1.4-0.2.0

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Robert said...

invoker keys suck.. i use key for 5th skill and it autoamtically uses ulti ...

Trevor said...

FIX INVOKER KEYS NOW!!!!! Robert is right

Trevor said...

Robert is right. not only does the 5th skill trigger off ulti but by using /kael as "hero code" none of the hotkeys work

Trevor said...

Robert is right. not only does the 5th skill trigger off ulti but by using /kael as "hero code" the rest of the hotkeys dont work