DotA 6.83c Map Download - Official Link by Icefrog

DotA 6.83c map is now available for download. This latest version of DotA is the official release since DotA 6.81d.

DotA 6.83c Loadscreen

Most changes were made to balance Juggernaut and Axe.

DotA 6.83c changelog
Juggernaut's agility growth reduced from 2.85 to 2.4
Juggernaut's Healing Ward manacost rescaled from 80/100/120/140 to 120/125/130/135

DotA 6.81b AI Map Download - Unofficial AI by James Druid

DotA 6.81b AI Unofficial - Translated from Chinese version into English by James Druid

Known Bugs:
  • Keeper of the light's ultimate skill gets stuck (Is also buggy) when carrying aghanim's
  • Revenge aura of Vengeful Spirit is visible on the ability list of the carrier(The one who killed Venge) causing some skills to be pushed out and be unusable.

DotA 6.81 AI Map Download - Official Link by AI Team

Dota 6.81 AI Map Download. DotA 6.81 was finally released and people are very excited to download a copy of DotA 6.81 AI.

DotA 6.81d Map Download - Official Link by Icefrog

DotA 6.81d map is the newest DotA map from Icefrog as of August.

There are no major changes in DotA 6.81d, just "Fixed a couple of more bugs" from 6.81c.

UPDATE : DotA 6.83c is already available for download!

DotA 6.81d Map Download:
DotA v6.81d.w3x

UPDATE : DotA 6.83c is already available for download!

DotA 6.80b Gold Exploit With Wards

DotA 6.80b Gold Exploit With Wards was already fixed in the latest version of DotA 6.80c.

  • Pick any hero and completely fill its inventory with Ironwood branches
  • Buy a courier and buy a set of Wards (doesn't matter Sentry or Observer)
  • Buy an Energy Booster and put both wards and booster in Courier's inventory
  • Move courier back to the Fountain so it acquires mana to use Wards. That's why we bought Energy booster.
  • Select courier, click Sentry ward and target your hero standing with full inventory.
  • Since, your hero has full inventory the wards will drop as a Yellow-book on the ground.
  • Each time you use a single ward from Courier, you get Double (2x) wards in return
  • Pick-up the dropped Wards (yellow-books) again using the courier and repeat the steps.
  • And then sell the Wards for gold until you have gold to buy a 6x inventory.

Dota 6.81b Changelogs for Dota 2

Dota 6.81b Changelogs was released for Dota 2. Updates were inline with the upcoming International 4.


Ancient Apparition
* Ice Vortex slow decreased from 18/22/26/30% to 15/20/25/30%

* Sticky Napalm bonus damage is now halved against non-hero units

Bounty Hunter
* Shadow Walk duration increased from 15/20/25/30 to 20/25/30/35

* Devour manacost rescaled from 60/50/40/30 to 60

Dota 6.81 Changelogs Announced for Dota 2

Dota 6.81 Changelogs was first announced for Dota 2 and we assume that the same changes will be applied to DotA.


Roshan base armor increased by 1
Attack Speed now always continually adjusts based on the latest modifications applied to the unit [?]
Melee illusions created by a Rune of Illusion take 200% instead of 300% damage

Random Draft hero selection pool increased from 22 to 24
Captain's Draft hero selection pool increased from 24 to 27 (8 per type to 9)
Captain's Draft hero bans increased from 4 to 6
Meepo is no longer available in Ability Draft